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Varietal Composition: Mavrodaphne & Korinthian
Style: Sweet Red
Classification: Protected Destination of Origin, Patras
Hand Harvest: End of September
Alcohol Content: 15% by Vol.
Vinification: Classic red wine vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled low temperatures 17-20°C.
Colour: Deep red with amber hues.
Nose: Powerful bouquet of lovely raisin, plum and honey aromas combined with dark chocolate
and caramelized nuts.
Mouth: Rich mouth with a long sweet touch. Its acidity balances the sweet character unlashing
its aromas. Long lasting aromatic aftertaste.
Harmony of flavors: Ideal as a dessert wine, chocolate-based desserts and pastries or enjoyed
with collection of cheeses, nuts and fruits. Alternatively try it with a slice of lemon on crushed ice
as a refreshing aperitif.
Served at: 15-18°C

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