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logo-slider-white-en Good wine starts in the vineyard.

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In the heart of Crete, on the hilltops surrounded by nature where history unfolds by the moist and refreshing winds of the Aegean, you will find the vineyards and the Michalakis winery.

Here you will find some of the secret but necessary elements for creating a good wine that our family has always carried with it, like an old heritage.



We cultivate our vineyards with love and passion

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Our Winery is situated within the estate, at its highest point and it is surrounded by the  vineyards. It is designed to be friendly to the natural environment of Crete.

The « Michalakis Estate» is a precious gem of Cretan winery, which other than the production of high quality wines is required to link the cultural heritage of Cretan nutrition with tourism while at the same time it openly invites all new consumers of Cretan wine.