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Wine Tasting Room - Michalakis Wines

Wine Tasting at


The wine tasting room is situated at the highest point of the complex and large windows provide ample natural light and panoramic views of the vineyards.

In the wine tasting room horizontal and vertical wine tasting is conducted as well as experimental winemaking by expert tasters and wine reporters from Greece and abroad. Wine presentations and presentations of other local Cretan products are also held in this room for groups up to 50 people.

Food & Wine

There are some main principles in the way that we combine food and wine from which the most important one is our personal taste which leads us to our ultimate personal choices. However, we will try to present you some basic principles so as to help you create your own favorable combinations.

Wine & Food


The main idea in combining wine with food is to pay attention to the specific taste characteristics of both food and wine and to be careful not to overbalance each other, preventing this way a true enjoyment.

Here are some qualities that will help you tastefully combine wine with food:


The local cuisine and the local wines have evolved together through time. A physical link between them has therefore developed.


Similar taste qualities encourage one another and build a culinary palette.


Different taste qualities often highlight and elevate the flavors and aromas of one another resulting in the structure of a very tasteful palette.

Intensity & Sensitivity

Delicate flavor structures are seeking wines with fine aromas and flavors. Dishes which are bold in flavor best combine dynamic wines with strong personalities.

These principles of combining may help you begin your culinary quest.
Don’t forget though that at least 50% of the fun is the experimentation and the search itself.