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Our winery is situated within the estate, at its highest point and it is surrounded by the vineyards.


A production and storage capacity of 6.000 tons of super modern technological equipment (temperature control system, inert environment creation, automation of the distribution of grapes and must, static settling with refrigeration, cleaning etc).

A modern bottling line of a capacity of 2.500 bottles per hour, with Deox (the use of inner gas in the bottle to prevent oxidation) is used, to ensure the quality of the final product in the bottle.

A modern quality control laboratory ensures with daily checks the most perfect result and gives us the ability to control and track our wines.

This system is supported on an ongoing annual basis by trained personnel which constitutes of 4 enologists and 2 enologists in addition during the period of harvest.

Special Care

By combining traditional and modern methods of cultivation in the estate we grow with special care the Cretan varieties

Wine Maturation and



In the aging wine cellars our wines enjoy the provides of our honorary guests. The environment in which the wines are stored is configured to provide optimum temperature and humidity conditions

The 225 liters of barriques(barrels) provide their valuable components , combine them with the wine and offer aromas of roasted nuts and spices. After the wine enriches its character with the special elements of the barrel it is being bottled.

The bottles are disposed carefully in specially designed places and are patiently then waiting to be consumed.