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The long history of Crete comes together with the wine and move forward together for thousands of years. The culture of wine in the island of Crete has evolved for more than 4.500 years. At Michalakis Estate, we make considerable efforts to contribute to the continuity and the preservation of our culture. With breakthrough innovations, always with respect to Mother Nature and to the characteristics of the soil and to the region’s microclimate we cultivate in our vineyards 14 grape varieties, most of which are rear and unique.

Dafni is a white grape variety grown exclusively in Crete, since the 15th century.
Large to very large conical bunch, medium dense to fairly loose. Berry colour green to yellow green, medium to large with medium thick skin.

Kotsifali is the best known red grape variety grown in Crete, cultivated as far back as the 13th century.
Bunch medium, conical to cylindrical-conical and dense. Red-violet to red-black berry colour, small to medium size and medium thin skin.

Mandilaria is one of the oldest red cultivars of Crete.
Medium to large, conical-cylindrical bunch, dense to very dense. Blue-black colour, medium thick skin with medium to large berries.

Moschato Spinas
Moschato Spinas is a clone of the ancient variety of Moschato and it is said to be transferred to Crete in the 6th century B.C.E.
Medium conical, very dense bunch. Gold-yellow colour, with small thin skinned round berries.

Plyto is an old white grape variety cultivated exclusively in Crete, since the 14th century.
Large, cylindrical-conical bunch, dense to very dense. Berry colour yellow to yellow-gold, medium to large with almost thick skin.

Vidiano is a noble white grape variety grown exclusively in Crete, since 13th (or 14th) century.
Medium to large, cylindrical or conical-cylindrical bunch, dense to medium dense. Berry colour yellow-gold, small to medium berries with medium thin skin.

Vilana is an old white grape variety cultivated exclusively in Crete probably since 14th century.
Medium to large, cylindrical-conical bunch, medium dense to dense. Yellow to yellow-white colour, almost thin skinned with small to medium sized berries.